Vitrified bonded worm grinding wheels for continuous generating grinding of gears

TYROLIT has developed the MIRA Ultra product line specifically for the continuous generating grinding of gears. All specifications are produced without the addition of sintered aluminium oxide and combine outstanding performance data with optimum economic efficiency. The innovative grinding wheel structure was specially designed for operating speeds of up to 100 m/s and allows reliable operation on modern high-speed machines.

  • Higher operating speed
  • Maximum process stability
  • Extremely rapid availability
  • The best economic efficiency
  • Cool polished section


Ceramic honing rings for tooth flank honing

Over 25 years of experience in gear honing make TYROLIT the market and technology leader in its field. Now, more than ever, the MIRA REX product line has made it possible to provide the optimum technical solution for high-efficiency honing. The continuous further development of specifications regarding hardness and cutting ability guarantees maximum honing performance and long dressing cycles.

  • Maximum performance
  • Short initial dressing times
  • Extremely rapid availability
  • System solution


Diamond dressing gears for dressing honing rings

TYROLIT's MIRA DDG has made the company into a market and technology leader in the field of diamond dressing gear production. Honing rings are trued and sharpened during the dressing process. Thanks to their high level of reproducibility and cutting ability, MIRA DDG dressing gears guarantee optimum dressing results, the best possible gearing and surface quality as well as long tool lifetime.

  • Cutting ability
  • Accuracy
  • Replating option
  • Gear cutting expertise
  • System solution


Cup wheels for grinding bevel gears

With the MIRA BG product line, TYROLIT offers an optimum solution for grinding bevel gears. More stringent quality requirements make hard finishing by grinding increasingly necessary.

  • High productivity
  • Low heat build up
  • Maximum profile retention
  • Available with or without mounting plate


Vitrified bonded profile grinding wheels for gear grinding

The MIRA ICE product line was developed in collaboration with experienced TYROLIT experts, especially for the grinding of large gears. A new kind of development approach enables previously unknown results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and cool grinding. MIRA ICE has been further optimised on the basis of the leading product line from BURKA-KOSMOS and sets new standards throughout the industry.

  • Cool polished section
  • The best economic efficiency
  • Maximum process stability



With the GENIS 2 product line, TYROLIT defines a new performance level and a wider range of applications for external cylindrical grinding with vitrified-bonded CBN tools. GENIS 2 is characterised by a high-strength bond with excellent moistening properties, which securely binds the CBN grain. Low bond volumes enable very porous, cool-grinding and extremely easy-cutting specifications with a long lifetime. Show more Show less

  • Optimum grain utilisation
  • High economic efficiency
  • High running precision
  • Wide range of applications


External cylindrical grinding with vitrified bonded CBN high-performance grinding tools

Following intensive research, TYROLIT has succeeded in developing GENIS - a bond system that ensures optimum wetting and coating of the CBN grain, even with extremely low bond content. By selecting the composition of the bond, at the right firing conditions crystallisation is controlled in a targeted manner. This enables the production of porous textures with high mechanical strength, which feature maximum resistance to the effect of cooling lubricants. The cool grinding specifications of our GENIS highest performance tools enable you to purposely reduce grinding forces and so make the most efficient use of the CBN grain. In all applications, practical experience shows that reduced grinding forces enable minimal wear and maximum profile retention. Show more Show less

  • High adhesion strength of the CBN and optimum resistance to cooling lubricants
  • New high-performance CBN grain qualities
  • Optimised chipping space (porosity) and cool grinding
  • Reduced grinding forces
  • Neutral zone


Vitrified bonded CBN grinding tools with composite cores for external cylindrical grinding

With GENIS CF, TYROLIT is extending the performance spectrum of the GENIS product line with an innovative, fibre-reinforced composite core for numerous external cylindrical grinding applications. In addition to a weight reduction of up to 80%, this tool design features special damping characteristics, which result in improved grinding results and a longer lifetime.

  • Lower weight
  • Best damping
  • High economic efficiency
  • Replating option
  • Simultaneous machining


Metal-bonded grinding tools for flute grinding

With the STARTEC XP-P+ product line, TYROLIT defines a new performance level for the flute grinding of tungsten carbide cutting tools. Two different diamond qualities and the innovative bond structure lead either to significantly reduced grinding forces or to a major increase in profile retention. The precision of the machined tools remains at the usual high level.

  • Increased feed speed
  • Easy profiling
  • Extended dressing intervals


Maximum profile retention during tool grinding.

With the STARTEC HP product line, Tyrolit was already able to satisfy performance and quality requirements in the past. The STARTEC XP-P line now offers improved profile retention and low power consumption during the manufacture of tools made of HSS and HM. State-of-the-art raw material combinations and tried and tested production sequences make sure our customers enjoy tools of optimum quality.


Cup wheels for universal tool manufacturing applications

STARTEC XP-P from TYROLIT is a byword for maximum efficiency and optimum tool quality in flute grinding. The product range will be expanded in future to include new shapes and specifications for machining clearance surfaces and face geometries on tungsten carbide stock-removal tools. An innovative bond system, tailored diamond qualities and new manufacturing technologies guarantee extremely high edge stability, low cutting forces and the best surface finish on the ground tool.

  • Maximum edge stability
  • Low grinding forces
  • System solution
  • Extremely rapid availability


Grinding tools for high-speed external cylindrical longitudinal grinding

With the STARTEC PG-1 product line, for the first time TYROLIT is offering innovative roughing and finishing wheels for the peel grinding of tungsten carbide tool blanks in particular. A high-strength metal bond is used for the roughing wheel. This enables especially cost-effective and reliable process control. Long-life vitrified or metal bonds are used for the finishing wheel. This enables even large stock removal fluctuations to be compensated after roughing, and maximum surface quality to be achieved.

  • Maximum stock removal rate
  • Reduced grinding noise
  • Reduced wheel wear
  • Extremely rapid availability


Precision grinding wheels for producing high-precision micro tools

System solutions comprising high-precision grinding tools and specially designed dressing wheels make up the STARTEC MT-1 product line from TYROLIT. Bespoke diamond qualities and an innovative bond structure ensure low grinding forces and particularly high cutting efficiency during the grinding process. Minimal reject-part rates and optimum ground tool quality are the result.

  • Low grinding forces
  • Optimum edge retention
  • Easy profiling


Vitrified bonded grinding wheels for surface and creep feed grinding.

Tyrolit is the market and technology leader in the field of high-porosity grinding wheels for creep feed grinding. With the STRATO product line, TYROLIT is setting new standards of quality and performance. It has now launched STRATO-ULTRA, representing the next generation of surface and creep feed grinding tools. Particularly in the turbine industry, STRATO ULTRA can be used instead of grinding tools with expensive sintered aluminium oxides without sacrificing performance. Sintered aluminium oxide reacts very aggressively to the dressing tool and consequently generates increased diamond wear. TYROLIT offers its customers profiled grinding tools. Depending on the profile depth, simple edge profiles and customised pre-profiling can significantly reduce set-up times (pre-profiling times) and associated dressing tool wear. Show more Show less

  • Reduced grinding times
  • Significantly better profile retention
  • Cool polished section
  • Increased wheel life
  • Approved for up to 63 m/s


Vitrified bonded grinding wheels for surface and creep feed grinding.

With VIPER ULTRA, TYROLIT is setting a new benchmark in the field of creep feed grinding. The improved bonding of the grain and precisely controlled wetting enable the patented VIPER ULTRA bond system to coat the surface of the grain and so greatly improve grain bonding.

  • Reduced grinding times
  • Significantly better profile retention
  • Cool polished section
  • Increased wheel life


Resin-bonded grinding tools for side grinding

With its CENTURIA product line, Tyrolit offers a complete range of conventional, resin-bonded tools for surface grinding. Different face grinding methods are used for rational production of functional surfaces with high requirements relating to evenness, plane parallelism and surface finish. Either both faces are machined simultaneously (double side face grinding), or just one face is machined using single wheels, segments, rings or cups. The components are often manufactured in mass production, which means that there are high requirements with respect to process stability. Show more Show less

  • Constant grinding properties even over a long period of use
  • Cool grinding (no burning)
  • Long service life of the grinding tool


Resin-bonded cup wheels for the surface grinding of taper rollers

With the CENTURIA M, and MP product lines, Tyrolit produces special products for the surface grinding of taper rollers. These cup wheels are manufactured in a multi-zone design, so that the pre-grinding and finish grinding can be carried out efficiently in one operation. The coarser inner zone ensures a high stock removal rate, the fine outer zone ensures a very low surface roughness on the flat surface of the taper rollers. Show more Show less

  • Long service life of the grinding tool
  • Good surface finish


Vitrified bonded grinding tools for internal cylindrical grinding

COLUMBIA grinding wheels from TYROLIT bridge the technological gap between grinding tools made of fused aluminium oxide and superabrasives. For internal cylindrical grinding applications, in particular, these products of specially bonded sintered aluminium oxide develop their full potential and make possible previously unparalleled levels of performance.

  • High quality of groundrings
  • The best economic efficiency
  • Maximum process stability



TYROLIT has developed a new generation of grinding wheels with a CBN layer and an innovative core for grinding rolls used in cold rolling mills. The GENIS ROLL STAR enables the cost-effective machining of ultra-hard rolls thanks to shorter grinding times and higher-quality surface results. The newly developed core of the GENIS ROLL STAR is vibration-damped and can be disposed of once the grinding layer is worn down. Show more Show less

  • Grinding ultra-hard materials
  • Universal machine use
  • Higher process stability
  • Universal use


Roll grinding re-defined

The rolls must be continually reground due to fire cracks, wear and peeling of the roll surface. Roll grinding is a special form of external cylindrical grinding. It is used in sheet mills and in roll production. With the CSS-RS, TYROLIT offers the optimum grinding tool for this application.

  • Cuts costs – improves performance
  • Enables maximum lifetime
  • Reduces your grinding times
  • Guarantees the best surface finishes
  • Universal use for all roll materials and types


The solution for grinding tungsten carbide wire milling rolls

Our "roll pass" for grinding rod mills is called CSS WIRE ROLL – currently the best solution on the market. It is also a fully integrated system solution, including tools for re-trueing the grinding wheel and roughing stones for exposing the abrasive grain.

  • Long service life
  • High profile retention
  • Increased process stability
  • Complete system in TYROLIT quality


Your partner for bar grinding

With a grinding wheel, regulating wheel and dressing tool, TYROLIT offers the complete range. By continually further developing our products, we can guarantee the best stock removal per grinding pass, the strictest tolerances and finest surfaces.

  • TYROLIT offers the complete system (grinding wheel, regulating wheel, dressing tools)
  • Reduced throughput times
  • Maximum stock removal rates
  • Lower dressing amounts
  • Maximum true running and shape accuracy


The regulating wheel for centerless grinding

Through the use of centreless grinding in through-feed and plunge cut grinding, round components can be produced with particular precision and efficiency. Here, the regulating wheel controls the grinding process and therefore has a decisive influence on the quality of the produced components. The CSS REGULATOR from TYROLIT is manufactured as a unitised version. The extremely high compaction ensures uniform quality of the regulating wheel. Show more Show less

  • Excellent profile retention
  • Good coefficient of friction
  • Constant grinding pressure


High performance grinding tools for external cylindrical grinding and thread grinding

With CSS ULTRA, TYROLIT has managed to restructure the micro-architecture of the grinding wheel with lasting effect by using high quality components and innovative sintering technology. This enables the abrasive grain to withstand much greater loads during use without breaking away prematurely. These improvements result in maximum profile retention combined with minimal wear.

  • Optimum profile retention
  • Cool grinding (no burning)


Resin-bonded grinding tools for the cutting tool industry

Grinding tools specially developed for knife grinding , hollow grinding and back grinding. COOL CUT is suitable for cutting tools of all kinds: forged or stamped kitchen knives and pen knives, scalpels and razor blades, lawn and gardening shears, paper knives.

  • Cool polished section
  • Self-sharpening
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Two-layer wheels possible
  • Bond colours

Cool-Cut grinding tools

Flexible elastic grinding tools in resinoid bond

Resin-bonded grinding tools for the grinding, sharpening and polishing of cutting tools, such as scalpels and scissors.

  • Cool grinding
  • Long lifetime


X-treme diamond content for ultimate performance in PCD and PCBN machining

"During the grinding process, all the work is performed by the abrasive grain." This central guiding principle has significantly shaped the development of the SKYTEC XD-1.The SKYTEC XD-1 product line impresses through a particularly high proportion of diamond grain, embedded in a specially developed bond. This results in excellent grinding performance and a long tool life. Show more Show less

  • Shorter grinding times
  • Maximum lifetime
  • High cutting-edge quality


Grinding tools für peripheral grinding of PCD and PCBN cutting inserts

TYROLIT offers the innovative SKYTEC BASIC+ product line for the economical production of PCD and PCBN cutting inserts. This proven series stands for precision geometry and minimal cutting-edge chipping. A bond system with increased porosity forms the centrepiece of this solution. Show more Show less

  • Better cutting ability
  • Stock range
  • Minimal cutting-edge chipping
  • Increased productivity


The metal-bonded diamond grinding tool for the PowerGrind process

The innovative SKYTEC BOLT metal bond was specially developed for the patented Agathon PowerGrind process. Spark erosion enables the grinding wheel to be continuously and simultaneously dressed, sharpened and cleaned during the grinding process. The maximum chipping space and the permanent, easy cutting grinding wheel topography of the SKYTEC BOLT enable tool inserts to be machined with maximum economic efficiency.

  • Low grinding forces
  • Minimal chipping
  • Shorter grinding time


Grinding tools for peripheral grinding of tungsten carbide and metal-ceramic cutting inserts

The SOLOTEC product line from TYROLIT offers the perfect solution for the peripheral grinding of cutting inserts made from tungsten carbide and cermet. A range of newly developed bond systems with optimised strength and increased brittleness is used. When combined with new diamond qualities, the result is efficient grinding tools that improve the grinding process while simultaneously improving workpiece quality.

  • High stock removal rate
  • Reduced grinding forces
  • Universal use
  • System solution

Conventional grinding wheels for flute grinding

For HSS tools

For grinding the chip flute, the focus is on precise geometry and optimum hardness of the tool's cutting edge. With tried and tested flute grinding wheels from TYROLIT, these requirements are perfectly satisfied thanks to maximum stock removal rates and cool grinding. The result is significantly lower machining costs and enhanced workpiece quality.

  • Universally suitable for all flute grinding machines, e.g. Junker, Gühring, Haux, etc.
  • Higher stock removal rate reduces grinding time
  • Minimal thermal load on the tool
  • High profile retention

Honing and superfinishing stones

Vitrified and resin-bonded tools for honing and superfinishing

Honing and superfinishing stones are made from conventional abrasives (aluminium oxide and silicon carbide) as standard. However, Tyrolit also produces these tools using superabrasives (diamond and CBN). Honing and superfinishing is used on components with especially high demands concerning the surface finish and geometry. The demands on the honing and superfinishing stones are also correspondingly high. Show more Show less

  • Consistent quality
  • Good stock removal
  • Good surface finish


Vitrified bonded grinding tools for the ski industry

Open-pore grinding tools for machining base surfaces. The special feature is the machining of plastic coatings and steel edges in one operation. Grinding wheels also produce a considerably flatter coating surface (base surface) than an abrasive belt.

  • Self-sharpening
  • Cool polished section


Elastic-bonded grinding tools for the thermal glass industry

Grinding tools developed in-house for removing the metal layer from insulation glass. Can also be used for various machine systems, including stationary moving top platen machines and hand-held machines.

  • Damping effect
  • Wet and dry grinding
  • Core
  • Self-sharpening


Diamond ring wheels for the electronics industry

Diamond grinding tools for machining wafers (silicon) in the microchip industry. For an optimum result we recommend grinding tools with diamond in resin and vitrified bonding systems.

  • Cool polished section
  • Good surface finishes

Diamond grinding tool

For machining technical ceramic components

TYROLIT offers a comprehensive range of products for machining ceramic components. These include various application-specific bond systems with optimised performance in conjunction with new diamond qualities.

  • Reduced wheel wear
  • High stock removal rate
  • Low grinding forces


Diamond mounted points for electronic components

Grinding tools exclusively with diamond in electroplated bond systems.

  • High dimensional accuracy


Diamond and CBN grinding tools for medical technology

Tyrolit offers diamond grinding tools in special shapes and dimensions for machining hip joints (ceramic materials) and CBN grinding tools in special honing sleeve designs for machining hip joints of steel and alloys.

  • Long lifetime
  • Minimal support layer height


Diamond grinding tools with VIB-Star core for technical ceramic components

Diamond grinding tools with cushioning plastic core system for machining very hard materials and technical ceramic components. Straight diamond grinding tools in vitrified bond for the machining of ceramic components require special damping, thus VIBSTAR is only available in certain dimensions on request.

  • Damping + low weight
  • Better surface finishes
  • Longer lifetime
  • Improved grinding ratio


Elastic for tuning the edges of skis

We developed our resin-bonded ELASTIC grinding tools specifically for machining steel edges. These are used in a cup wheel version for machining the steel edges on the sides of skis.

  • Cool polished section
  • Self-sharpening
  • Core


Elastic for the watchmaking industry

Elastic-bonded grinding and polishing tools for the machining of precision components. These are mainly used for precision mechanics in the watchmaking, spectacle and jewellery industries. Our ELASTIC grinding tools were adapted for diverse applications and are used in the deburring, effect grinding, fine grinding and polishing of precision components.

  • Adaptable (elastic)
  • Wet and dry grinding
  • Large range of grit sizes
  • Bond versions


Grinding wheels in elastic bond for the centreless grinding of taper rollers

For the centreless grinding of taper rollers, a steel profiled regulating wheel is used. A certain elasticity of the grinding wheel is required so that the rollers can still be operated safely. The Tyrolit centreless wheel in elastic bond has proven highly effective.

  • Good profile retention and lifetime
  • Good coefficient of friction

Elastic grinding tools for the machining of implants/prostheses

Flexible elastic grinding tools in resinoid bond.

Fine grinding, removal and pre-polishing of silicon carbide in resinoid bond.

  • Can be easily adapted to contours
  • Generation of the widest range of surface structures (matting, polishing)

Elastic metal decorating tools

Elastic grinding wheels for the removal of metallised ceramic components

Elastic grinding tools in resinoid bond.

  • Flexible
  • Long lifetime
  • Self-adhesive foil possible

Ceramic grinding tools

Grinding tools in vitrified bond for the grinding of skate blades.

Hollow grinding with vitrified bonded grinding tools.

  • Profile retention
  • Good stock removal rate
  • High economic efficiency

Grinding tools for the machining of hip and knee joints

Ceramic bonded diamond grinding tools  

Machining of ceramic insert cups in wet grinding (oil).

  • Ceramic abrasive layer with low metal support
  • Maximum surface quality

Grinding tools for the machining of hip joints

Resin and ceramic bonded grinding tools for the machining of steel hip joints.

Machining of steel hip joints in wet grinding using honing sleeves.

  • Suitable for various steel alloys.
  • Long lifetime

Grinding tools in BY systems for the machining of hypodermic needles

Silicon carbide grinding tools in self-sharpening resinoid bond systems.

Resin-bonded grinding tools for the pointing of hypodermic needles.

  • Burr-free finish
  • Long lifetime
  • Best surface finishes

Grinding tools for the machining of industrial knives

Grinding tools in ceramic and resinoid bond.

Pre and finish grinding (polishing) mostly with resinoid bonds in wet grinding.

  • High stock removal rate in the shortest time
  • Good surface finishes


CBN grinding wheels for dry grinding HSS tools

The proven CBN dry grinding wheels from the TYROLIT AMIGO product line meet these requirements perfectly. The highest stock removal rates and cool grinding can be achieved at the same time. As a result, machining costs are significantly lower and workpiece quality is increased.

  • Universal use on all manual tool grinding machines
  • Low wear
  • Minimal thermal load on the tool
  • Higher stock removal rate reduces grinding time


Diamond grinding wheels for dry grinding tungsten carbide tools

The proven diamond dry grinding wheels from the TYROLIT DIAGO product line meet these requirements perfectly. The highest stock removal rates and cool grinding can be achieved at the same time. As a result, machining costs are significantly lower and workpiece quality is increased.

  • Universal use on all manual tool grinding machines
  • Low wear
  • Minimal thermal load on the tool
  • Higher stock removal rate reduces grinding time

SECUR cut-off wheels

The innovative solution for cut-off grinding

Cut-off grinding – a cutting process with undefined edges – is frequently used in steel mills due to its excellent performance and economic efficiency. With SECUR, TYROLIT offers the ideal tool for every cutting application. Available with a diameter of up to 2,000 mm.

  • Optimises your process costs
  • Enables innovative customised solutions
  • Achieves the best cutting quality
  • Ultimate product safety


Super thin, super sharp!

The innovative wheel design enables a wheel thickness that is reduced by approx. 20% and is therefore particularly suitable for low-performance machines. Available with a diameter of up to 2,000 mm.

  • High wheel stability
  • For low-performance machines
  • Minimal cutting losses


Cut-off wheels in the steel industry for materials with high internal stresses

TYROLIT has developed the SECUR Easy Cut product line with the specific aim of increasing process stability when cutting large workpieces in materials with high internal stresses. The unique combination of conical wheel shape and a completely re-defined wheel topography – with particularly easy cutting side surfaces – reduces the risk of jamming during cutting.

  • Reduced risk of jamming
  • White cut
  • Maximum process stability

SECUR-EXTRA cut-off wheels

The innovative solution for cut-off grinding

SECUR-EXTRA is tough on every casting challenge. This range was developed specially for the harsh requirements of the foundry industry. With its zirconia alumina combined with new bond systems, it ensures optimum cutting ability, low vibration, a long lifetime and the best price-performance ratio for your cutting process. Special production processes and extensive technical safety tests guarantee maximum working safety combined with operating speed and cutting performance. Common operating speeds are 80 m/s and 100 m/s. Show more Show less

  • Maximum product quality
  • Long service life
  • Optimum cutting quality

Grinding tools for cutting

Cut-off wheels for the tool industry

Resin-bonded CBN and diamond grinding wheels for cutting tungsten carbide and HSS cutting tools.

  • Perfect cutting quality
  • Low wear
  • High cutting ability
  • Low heat build up


Optimised grinding tools for re-sharpening cutting tools

The STARTEC-BASIC product line provides reliable quality for re-sharpening rotating cutting tools. Continuous product improvements form the basis for maximum productivity and optimum tool quality.

  • Innovative resinoid bonds
  • Highest quality diamond and CBN materials
  • Extensive stock range


Your Choice for High Performance

Many types of steel exhibit surface flaws, scale and areas of decarburisation after continuous casting. As a result, the semi-finished products cannot be conveyed to the rolling mill without the need for trimming beforehand. Here, the grinding wheel is an integrative element that comes into its own – it is vital for enabling cost-efficient trimming that conforms to technological requirements. TYROLIT satisfies all requirements with the SECUR HP high-pressure grinding wheel. Show more Show less

  • Superior grinding power
  • Improved white cut performance
  • Optimises grinding costs
  • Problem-free working - maximum safety throughoptimum quality


Diamond tools for automatic fettling

Deburring and trimming spheroidal and grey cast iron parts on automated fettling machines. Practical experience shows that combining FOCUR-SA with conventional tools provides the most efficient solution. Our application engineers will be delighted to help you optimise your grinding process with the FOCUR-SA. Show more Show less

  • High economic efficiency
  • Maximum lifetime
  • Maximum precision and surface quality
  • Reduced noise and dust emissions
  • No finishing required

FOCUR-EXTRA cut-off wheels

Cutting castings with the angle grinder

FOCUR-EXTRA is tough on every casting challenge. This range was developed specially for the harsh requirements of the foundry industry. With its zirconia alumina combined with new bond systems, it ensures optimum cutting ability, low vibration, a long lifetime and the best price-performance ratio for your cutting process.

  • Less effort required through high cutting ability
  • Clean cutting quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Produced according to stringent quality standards
  • Ultimate product safety

FOCUR-EXTRA roughing wheels

Working on castings with the angle grinder.

FOCUR-EXTRA is tough on every casting challenge. This range was developed specially for the harsh requirements of the grinding process in the foundry industry. With its zirconia alumina combined with optimised bond systems, it ensures optimum cutting ability, low vibration strain, a long lifetime and a cost-efficient grinding and cutting process.

  • Less effort required through high cutting ability
  • High-quality zirconia alumina in new bond systems enables the longest possible lifetime
  • Tough on all cast materials, even mineralised cast iron
  • Superior running characteristics thanks to new wheel design and innovative production technology
  • Produced according to stringent quality standards

FOCUR-EXTRA for pedestal and pendular grinding

Manual machining of cast workpieces on pedestal and swing frame grinders.

In most abrasive mixtures, zirconia alumina is used for grinding cast materials, enabling much shorter grinding times, higher stock removal rates and longer lifetimes to be achieved.

  • Less effort required through high cutting ability
  • High performance and optimised efficiency
  • Individually tailored products for your grinding application
  • Ultimate safety for manual grinding work
  • Available in all standard sizes (on request)

FOCUR-EXTRA VIB-STAR roughing wheels

Working on castings with the angle grinder.

The vibration damping developed by TYROLIT and the innovative multi-layer structure of the new VIB-STAR roughing wheel allows professional users to achieve especially gentle grinding. The innovative wheel design considerably reduces the vibrations to which the grinder is exposed. The new VIB-STAR technology helps to prevent occupational illnesses such as muscular and skeletal damage, neurological illnesses and circulatory problems. Show more Show less

  • Considerably reduced vibration strain
  • Optimised smooth running
  • Increased machine lifetime


Diamond cut-off wheel for grey and spheriodal cast iron

FOCUR SA diamond cut-off wheels from TYROLIT are the optimum tool for machining grey and spheroidal cast iron. These products combine a long lifetime with maximum economic efficiency. FOCUR SA cut-off wheels are available in diameters from 178 to 600 mm.

  • Lifetime
  • Economic efficiency
  • Working convenience
  • Quality

Other tools for automatic casting cleaning

The cost-efficient solution for the foundry industry

TYROLIT offers know-how and application expertise in the use of ring wheels, grinding segments, stable-edge grinding wheels and diamond tools.

  • Clean cutting quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Ultimate product safety
  • Customised solutions

Mounted points

For straight grinders and flexible shafts

In foundries, the use of straight grinders and flexible shafts is growing in importance, especially for applications such as: Grinding out cavities, bores, blind holes, ridges or flutes - Grinding shrink holes and oxidisation effects in hard-to-access locations - Cost-effective deburring, bevelling and edge breaking

  • Maximum stock removal rates
  • Optimised lifetime
  • High working safety
  • Precise true running
  • Universally suitable (for a variety of materials and workpieces)

Diamond cut-off and slot grinding tools

Cut-off grinding tools for electronic components

Resin and metal-bonded cut-off grinding tools for ceramics and silicon components.

  • Resin-bonded: excellent cutting ability with hard materials
  • Metal-bonded: Long lifetimes
  • High dimensional accuracy

Saw sharpening

Disc wheels for wood and plastic machining tools

TYROLIT produces an extensive range of grinding tools for grinding saws and plastic machining tools.This includes everything from conventional grinding wheels through to diamond and CBN grinding tools.In conjunction with its proven application engineering service, TYROLIT provides specific solutions to ensure maximum customer benefit.

  • Diamond and CBN grinding tools for highest precision
  • Conventional grinding tools for economically efficient machining


Electroplated CBN grinding tools for external plunge cut grinding

With its POLARIS product line, TYROLIT is the market and technology leader in the production of galvanic bonded grinding tools. Cutting-edge production equipment, manufacturing know-how and application expertise are essential for maximum tool lives. Even the smallest amount of axial and radial run out or the slightest imbalance can reduce the service life of the tool. Additionally with the POLARIS PLUS variant, the zones with the highest levels of tool wear can be specifically reinforced, extending the life of the grinding wheel even further. Show more Show less

  • Individual production
  • Maximum lifetimes
  • Replating-compatible
  • Maximum profile accuracy
  • Constant optimisation


Vitrified bonded CBN grinding tools for internal cylindrical and profile grinding.

With COLUMBIA SA, TYROLIT has created an innovativeproduct line for internal cylindrical and profile grinding withCBN. The VCSA bond, which was specially developedfor this purpose, further enhances the unique propertiesof CBN. The smaller wheel dimensions utilised withininternal cylindrical grinding are particularly suitable for theeconomical use of CBN grinding wheels.

  • Improved cool grindingbehaviour
  • Improved economic efficiency
  • Highest process stability
  • Additionally even using emulsionbased coolants


Diamond rough grinding wheel for grey and spheroidal cast iron

FOCUR SA rough grinding wheels from TYROLIT are the optimum tool for machining grey and spheroidal cast iron components. This product combines a long tool life with maximum economic efficiency. A low level of dust formation significantly increases user comfort compared to conventional rough grinding wheels. Show more Show less

  • Enhanced safety
  • Long tool lifetimes
  • Enhanced user comfort
  • Low risk to health


Galvanic bonded grinding tools for creep feed and surface grinding

With the STRATO SA product line, TYROLIT is offering grinding tools with electroplated superabrasives that are predominantly used in the turbine industry. These grinding tools guarantee high profile accuracy and the best process stability during the creep feed process. In applications such as the machining of radial grooves, this produces extremely precise grinding results at low unit costs. Show more Show less

  • Maximum profile accuracy
  • Replating-compatible
  • Maximum lifetimes


Metal-bonded grinding tools for flute grinding

Tyrolit is setting new standards in high performance flute grinding with the STARTEC RC product line. The new specifications feature impressively low grinding forces and maximum stock removal rates with little profile wear. The STARTEC RC grinding tools guarantee maximum precision for your tools and an optimum surface finish. This is all down to a tailored diamond quality, a new bond system and innovative production processes. Show more Show less

  • Low grinding forces
  • Shorter grinding times
  • Reduced profile wear
  • Easy to profile


Grinding wheels for poloshing shank tools

The STARTEC XP-F product line from TYROLIT provides innovative polishing wheels for the cost-efficient polishing of the functional surfaces of shank tools. These tools feature a new resinoid bond with a high wear resistance combined with tailored micro-diamonds. These new specifications can also be produced in customer-specific shapes and dimensions. They guarantee the best surface finish while at the same time delivering maximum precision for the polished tools. Show more Show less

  • Best surface finish
  • Low wheel wear
  • Highest precision


Electroplated CBN tools forcreep feed and surface grinding

With the STRATO SA product line, TYROLIT offers, for the first time, tools with superabrasives, which enable optimum process stability in the creep feed grinding process with their uniform profile dimensions. Their high profile retention ensures precise grinding results, particularly in difficult applications.

  • Customised production
  • Longest tool life
  • Replating option
  • Maximum profile accuracy
  • Constant optimisation

Secur Warm

Cut-off wheels for warm cutting-off in the steel industry

The cutting tool is subjected to enormous loads during warm cutting-off - particularly during traverse cutting. With the SECUR product line, TYROLIT offers a tool that meets the specific requirements of the rolling mill. The use of a high-strength bond system significantly increases the stability of the cut-off wheel throughout the entire cutting process, even when subjected to high lateral forces.

  • Optimum profile design
  • Maximum cutting performance
  • Maximum stability


For Universal Machining Centres

The option of carrying out the grinding process on universal machining centres creates the possibility of having a single workpiece setup to prepare the profile and dimensional accuracy with the milling and turning processes and finalise the high-precision profile and surface requirements in the subsequent grind-finishing operation. Coolant supply for the grinding process is via the tool spindle through the grinding tool itself, or alternatively is directed through the grinding tool holder to the grinding zone. This purpose-built holder facilitates a fast grinding tool change. Show more Show less

  • Customised grinding tools
  • Easy coolant supply
  • High profitability
  • System solution
  • Fast tool change:


Grinding and polishing tools for the cutlery industry

With the COOL CUT 2, TYROLIT has established yet another milestone in cool grinding. The completely redesigned bond can be adapted to the specific challenges of an application by being given a defined porosity. This keeps the COOL CUT 2 at a significantly lower temperature during the grinding operation. Show more Show less

  • Cool grinding
  • 2in1 application
  • Defined porosity
  • Technical application expertise


2-Zone gear grinding wheels for continuous generating grinding and superfinishing of gears

The MIRA ULTRA SF product line has been specifically developed for Superfinishing (SF) gears during continuous generating grinding. The worm grinding wheel is designed as a 2-zone tool with a ceramic zone and a resin zone. The ceramic zone is used for pre-grinding and finish grinding, while the resin zone is used for superfinishing. This innovative tool design meets the high surface requirements of the automotive and transmission industries for polished surfaces on tooth flanks. Show more Show less

  • Polished tooth flanks
  • 2-zone worm grinding wheel
  • Vs 80 m/s
  • Wide variety of specifications


Microfinishing film roll for superfinishing rotation-symmetric components

With the FaceTec MF product line, TYROLIT offers a high performance product in the area of belt-superfinishing. The focus is on customers whose surface quality requirements can only be achieved by means of a superfinish machining operation. These requirements relate primarily to the automotive (crankshafts and camshafts) and steel industry (roll grinding). Becausem finishing belongs to the final operations in the value-added chain, process stability is an essential criterion. The high quality standard and the high service level make FaceTec MF to an optimal solution for critical finishing processes. Show more Show less

  • High process stability
  • High economic efficiency
  • Broad product portfolio
  • High service level


Electroplated CBN grinding wheel with lightweight core for external cylindrical grinding

With the POLARIS LW product line, TYROLIT is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of lightweight electroplated grinding tools. Through targeted material reduction, the wheel weight has been significantly reduced. stock removal rate at the core is not random, but is calculated using a computational FEM analysis (Finite Element Method). This means that deformations and potential performance losses can be excluded. Through use of the lightweight POLARIS LW version, the maintenance intervals at the grinding machines can be reduced and handling significantly simplified for personnel in production. Show more Show less

  • Weight optimisation
  • Maximum tool life
  • Replating-compatible
  • Computational FEM simulation


Vitrified bonded worm grinding wheels for continuous genrating grinding of gears

The MIRA ICE product line has been specially developed for the continuous generating grinding of gears. A new kind of development approach enables unprecedented results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and cool grinding.

  • Shorter grinding times
  • Longer tool life
  • Highest process stability
  • High-precision pre-profiling

DressTec NGR

Next Generation of Diamond Roller Dressers

TYROLIT have extended the portfolio of diamond roller dressers with an exciting new assortment: DressTec NGR. This new product line enables TYROLIT to offer the fastest delivery time for roller dressers in the market, whilst maintaining the highest precision and quality. This is achieved thanks to the very latest manufacturing technologies, new processing steps and premium measuring equipment at the company’s state-of-the- art plant in Neuenrade, Germany. DressTec NGR combines quality, reproducibility and precision features with the fastest speed to market. This is unique within the industry. Show more Show less

  • Fastest speed to market
  • Planning security
  • Increased flexibility
  • Unparalleled investment