Our range of diamond tools continues to achieve great results. In cooperation with stone fabricators and porcelain slab manufacturers, we were able to create tools that allow users to achieve previously unattained surface quality.

Porcelain slabs in large formats: a growing trend

Contemporary interior design increasingly demands continuous and flowing spaces, characterised by materials with very few grouts, so that there is no separation or interruption. The aim is to create open spaces in which the walls disappear as far as possible so that people can experience the space more freely. Due to their resistance, ease of maintenance and versatility, even for renovation work, ceramic slabs in large formats have become increasingly popular in recent years. Oversized ceramic slabs are used for floors, walls, kitchen countertops and cabinets, bathroom and vanity tops, stairs, furniture and even facades.


To our customers in ceramic fabrication we offer the following 7 strong reasons to chose our tools 

  1. The Wide range of tools we offer for the most demanding ceramic materials in all thicknesses.
  2. The tools we offer are available for many brands like Atlas Plan, Dekton, Florim, Marazzi, Fondovalle, Infinity, Iris, Kerlite, Laminam, Lapitec, Neolith, Techlam, Slimtech, Stoneglass, Zero.3 and many more.
  3. We offer ceramic slabs tools for many applications including straight and bevel cutting, drilling, profiling, flush fitting, edge polishing and all common manual operations.
  4. The specially developed tool bonds allow high speeds with minimum noise and spindle absorption and therefore boost our customers’ performance.
  5. The extensive list of available edge profiles is constantly being expanded according to market requirements.
  6. Each tool is provided with an individual measuring card to ensure easy set-up and thus avoid downtime.
  7. We organise workshops all over the world, often in cooperation with the main machine manufacturers and ceramic slab producers, to share our know-how of the various applications of ceramic slabs and offer assistance.


We stand for innovative products and tool quality at the highest level even when using new materials.

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