FOCUR-EXTRA cut-off wheels

Cutting castings with the angle grinder

FOCUR-EXTRA is tough on every casting challenge. This range was developed specially for the harsh requirements of the foundry industry. With its zirconia alumina combined with new bond systems, it ensures optimum cutting ability, low vibration, a long lifetime and the best price-performance ratio for your cutting process.

  • Less effort required through high cutting ability
  • Clean cutting quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Produced according to stringent quality standards
  • Ultimate product safety


Diamond cut-off wheel for grey and spheriodal cast iron

FOCUR SA diamond cut-off wheels from TYROLIT are the optimum tool for machining grey and spheroidal cast iron. These products combine a long lifetime with maximum economic efficiency. FOCUR SA cut-off wheels are available in diameters from 178 to 600 mm.

  • Lifetime
  • Economic efficiency
  • Working convenience
  • Quality