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Naphthalene-free production

As one of the leading manufacturers of grinding, cut-off and dressing tools, TYROLIT is fully aware of the great responsibility we bear towards our society and the environment. That is the reason why we constantly optimize our production processes in order to reduce energy consumption, use more environmentally friendly materials or substitute potentially harmful raw materials, which could have a negative impact on society and health.  

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New P-Technology

An important step towards more sustainability in our production is to eliminate naphthalene. In the past, naphthalene was used to create artificial pores in ceramic grinding wheels, which lead to the advantage that the wheels were characterized by a high porosity.

With the invention of the pioneering new P-Technology, our experts have developed a new method to create this artificial porosity - completely naphthalene-free.

Naphthalene generates the pore and is then burnt out to create a cavity. Our new P-Technology enables the creation of the needed pore without the use of Naphthalene and supports an environmentally friendly production process.

1. Pore | 2. Grain | 3. Bond bridge

TYROLIT pursues the ambitious goal of producing all vitrified bonded grinding wheels that have fillers with the new P-Technology by the end of 2023. In order to continue to guarantee the high quality standard, numerous comparisons and trials have been carried out over the last years. So far, 50% of our customers have already been successfully switched to P-Technology products.

The highly porous grinding wheels are equal to former products in terms of grinding behavior and surface quality.


Strato Ultra


Mira BK / Mira Ice BK



Viper Ultra

Mira / Mira Ultra

Strato Pro

Mira Ice

CSS Ultra

Benefits of the new pore technology at a glance:

  • Environmentally-friendly production without the use of naphthalene
  • Forward-looking technology
  • Ensuring product availability also under stricter regulations in the future


If you have questions concerning our new P-Technology,

please get in contact with us via newporetechnology(at)