Grinding tools for peripheral grinding of tungsten carbide and metal-ceramic cutting inserts

The SOLOTEC product line from TYROLIT offers the perfect solution for the peripheral grinding of cutting inserts made from tungsten carbide and cermet. A range of newly developed bond systems with optimised strength and increased brittleness is used. When combined with new diamond qualities, the result is efficient grinding tools that improve the grinding process while simultaneously improving workpiece quality. Show more Show less

  • High stock removal rate
  • Reduced grinding forces
  • Universal use
  • System solution

Diamond grinding tool

For machining technical ceramic components

TYROLIT offers a comprehensive range of products for machining ceramic components. These include various application-specific bond systems with optimised performance in conjunction with new diamond qualities.

  • Reduced wheel wear
  • High stock removal rate
  • Low grinding forces


Diamond grinding tools with VIB-Star core for technical ceramic components

Diamond grinding tools with cushioning plastic core system for machining very hard materials and technical ceramic components. Straight diamond grinding tools in vitrified bond for the machining of ceramic components require special damping, thus VIBSTAR is only available in certain dimensions on request.

  • Damping + low weight
  • Better surface finishes
  • Longer lifetime
  • Improved grinding ratio


Laboratory cut-off wheels for metallurgical sample material

The first work step of materialographic sample preparation is cutting the sample, which must be done as quickly as possible and must not cause irreparable damage to the sample. This means no thermal structural alterations, no deformation, no cracks. With SECUR LAB we offer the ideal cut-off wheel for a variety of materials, workpiece dimensions and hardnesses.

  • A smooth cut
  • Precise cutting areas
  • Clean cut-off surfaces
  • High resistance to cooling lubricants
  • Colour coded wheels

Diamond cut-off and slot grinding tools

Cut-off grinding tools for electronic components

Resin and metal-bonded cut-off grinding tools for ceramics and silicon components.

  • Resin-bonded: excellent cutting ability with hard materials
  • Metal-bonded: Long lifetimes
  • High dimensional accuracy