Vitrified bonded grinding tools for internal cylindrical grinding

COLUMBIA grinding wheels from TYROLIT bridge the technological gap between grinding tools made of fused aluminium oxide and superabrasives. For internal cylindrical grinding applications, in particular, these products of specially bonded sintered aluminium oxide develop their full potential and make possible previously unparalleled levels of performance.

  • High quality of groundrings
  • The best economic efficiency
  • Maximum process stability


High performance grinding tools for external cylindrical grinding and thread grinding

With CSS ULTRA, TYROLIT has managed to restructure the micro-architecture of the grinding wheel with lasting effect by using high quality components and innovative sintering technology. This enables the abrasive grain to withstand much greater loads during use without breaking away prematurely. These improvements result in maximum profile retention combined with minimal wear.

  • Optimum profile retention
  • Cool grinding (no burning)


Electroplated CBN grinding tools for external plunge cut grinding

With its POLARIS product line, TYROLIT is the market and technology leader in the production of galvanic bonded grinding tools. Cutting-edge production equipment, manufacturing know-how and application expertise are essential for maximum tool lives. Even the smallest amount of axial and radial run out or the slightest imbalance can reduce the service life of the tool. Additionally with the POLARIS PLUS variant, the zones with the highest levels of tool wear can be specifically reinforced, extending the life of the grinding wheel even further. Show more Show less

  • Individual production
  • Maximum lifetimes
  • Replating-compatible
  • Maximum profile accuracy
  • Constant optimisation


Electroplated CBN grinding wheel with lightweight core for external cylindrical grinding

With the POLARIS LW product line, TYROLIT is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of lightweight electroplated grinding tools. Through targeted material reduction, the wheel weight has been significantly reduced. stock removal rate at the core is not random, but is calculated using a computational FEM analysis (Finite Element Method). This means that deformations and potential performance losses can be excluded. Through use of the lightweight POLARIS LW version, the maintenance intervals at the grinding machines can be reduced and handling significantly simplified for personnel in production. Show more Show less

  • Weight optimisation
  • Maximum tool life
  • Replating-compatible
  • Computational FEM simulation

DressTec NGR

Next Generation of Diamond Roller Dressers

TYROLIT have extended the portfolio of diamond roller dressers with an exciting new assortment: DressTec NGR. This new product line enables TYROLIT to offer the fastest delivery time for roller dressers in the market, whilst maintaining the highest precision and quality. This is achieved thanks to the very latest manufacturing technologies, new processing steps and premium measuring equipment at the company’s state-of-the- art plant in Neuenrade, Germany. DressTec NGR combines quality, reproducibility and precision features with the fastest speed to market. This is unique within the industry. Show more Show less

  • Fastest speed to market
  • Planning security
  • Increased flexibility
  • Unparalleled investment