Metal-bonded grinding tools for flute grinding

With the STARTEC XP-P+ product line, TYROLIT defines a new performance level for the flute grinding of tungsten carbide cutting tools. Two different diamond qualities and the innovative bond structure lead either to significantly reduced grinding forces or to a major increase in profile retention. The precision of the machined tools remains at the usual high level.

  • Increased feed speed
  • Easy profiling
  • Extended dressing intervals


Maximum profile retention during tool grinding.

With the STARTEC HP product line, Tyrolit was already able to satisfy performance and quality requirements in the past. The STARTEC XP-P line now offers improved profile retention and low power consumption during the manufacture of tools made of HSS and HM. State-of-the-art raw material combinations and tried and tested production sequences make sure our customers enjoy tools of optimum quality.


Precision grinding wheels for producing high-precision micro tools

System solutions comprising high-precision grinding tools and specially designed dressing wheels make up the STARTEC MT-1 product line from TYROLIT. Bespoke diamond qualities and an innovative bond structure ensure low grinding forces and particularly high cutting efficiency during the grinding process. Minimal reject-part rates and optimum ground tool quality are the result.

  • Low grinding forces
  • Optimum edge retention
  • Easy profiling

Conventional grinding wheels for flute grinding

For HSS tools

For grinding the chip flute, the focus is on precise geometry and optimum hardness of the tool's cutting edge. With tried and tested flute grinding wheels from TYROLIT, these requirements are perfectly satisfied thanks to maximum stock removal rates and cool grinding. The result is significantly lower machining costs and enhanced workpiece quality.

  • Universally suitable for all flute grinding machines, e.g. Junker, G├╝hring, Haux, etc.
  • Higher stock removal rate reduces grinding time
  • Minimal thermal load on the tool
  • High profile retention


Metal-bonded grinding tools for flute grinding

Tyrolit is setting new standards in high performance flute grinding with the STARTEC RC product line. The new specifications feature impressively low grinding forces and maximum stock removal rates with little profile wear. The STARTEC RC grinding tools guarantee maximum precision for your tools and an optimum surface finish. This is all down to a tailored diamond quality, a new bond system and innovative production processes. Show more Show less

  • Low grinding forces
  • Shorter grinding times
  • Reduced profile wear
  • Easy to profile


Grinding wheels for poloshing shank tools

The STARTEC XP-F product line from TYROLIT provides innovative polishing wheels for the cost-efficient polishing of the functional surfaces of shank tools. These tools feature a new resinoid bond with a high wear resistance combined with tailored micro-diamonds. These new specifications can also be produced in customer-specific shapes and dimensions. They guarantee the best surface finish while at the same time delivering maximum precision for the polished tools. Show more Show less

  • Best surface finish
  • Low wheel wear
  • Highest precision


Resin bonded grinding wheels for HSS tool manufacturing

The new STARTEC ICE assortment was developed together with TYROLIT experts and is dedicated to all HSS precision cutting tool manufacturers. A new approach to development enables results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and "cool" grinding that were previously unheard of. The new specifications cover the flute and relieve grinding on all types of round cutting tools and sets new standards throughout the industry. Show more Show less

  • Optimized economic efficiency
  • High stock removal rate
  • Cool grinding:


For manufacturing high precision cutting tools for the 3C industry

The new TYROLIT STARTEC MT-2 assortment is dedicated to all manufacturers of high precision cutting tools made of solid carbide which are finally used in the 3C industry. The grinding wheels are specially designed for a tool diameter smaller than 6mm which are mainly used in the 3C industry. The new specifications cover the rough grinding as well as the finishing process of the tools. Highly efficient grinding processes, minimal edge chipping and ideal surface finish are the result of intensive development efforts. Show more Show less

  • High cutting edge quality
  • System solution
  • Low Grinding forces
  • High edge retention


Resin bonded grinding wheels for HSS tool manufacturing

In the development of the new generation of flute grinding wheels for HSS tools, our product specialists particularly focused on the use of new grain mixtures. In combination with a revised resin-based bonding system, a high-performance tool for standard machines with limited feed rates was developed. An optimal price-performance ratio is a special feature of the new STARTEC PRO. The STARTEC PRO specification is particularly suitable for flute and back grinding on standard machines with feed rates of less than 4,000 mm/min at 80 m/s cutting speed. Show more Show less

  • Cool grinding
  • High abrasive performance
  • Optimised economic efficiency