Vitrified bonded grinding tools for internal cylindrical grinding

COLUMBIA grinding wheels from TYROLIT bridge the technological gap between grinding tools made of fused aluminium oxide and superabrasives. For internal cylindrical grinding applications, in particular, these products of specially bonded sintered aluminium oxide develop their full potential and make possible previously unparalleled levels of performance.

  • High quality of groundrings
  • The best economic efficiency
  • Maximum process stability


Vitrified bonded CBN grinding tools for internal cylindrical and profile grinding.

With COLUMBIA SA, TYROLIT has created an innovativeproduct line for internal cylindrical and profile grinding withCBN. The VCSA bond, which was specially developedfor this purpose, further enhances the unique propertiesof CBN. The smaller wheel dimensions utilised withininternal cylindrical grinding are particularly suitable for theeconomical use of CBN grinding wheels.

  • Improved cool grindingbehaviour
  • Improved economic efficiency
  • Highest process stability
  • Additionally even using emulsionbased coolants