Vitrified bonded worm grinding wheels for continuous generating grinding of gears

TYROLIT has developed the MIRA Ultra product line specifically for the continuous generating grinding of gears. All specifications are produced without the addition of sintered aluminium oxide and combine outstanding performance data with optimum economic efficiency. The innovative grinding wheel structure was specially designed for operating speeds of up to 100 m/s and allows reliable operation on modern high-speed machines.

  • Higher operating speed
  • Maximum process stability
  • Extremely rapid availability
  • The best economic efficiency
  • Cool polished section


2-Zone gear grinding wheels for continuous generating grinding and superfinishing of gears

The MIRA ULTRA SF product line has been specifically developed for Superfinishing (SF) gears during continuous generating grinding. The worm grinding wheel is designed as a 2-zone tool with a ceramic zone and a resin zone. The ceramic zone is used for pre-grinding and finish grinding, while the resin zone is used for superfinishing. This innovative tool design meets the high surface requirements of the automotive and transmission industries for polished surfaces on tooth flanks. Show more Show less

  • Polished tooth flanks
  • 2-zone worm grinding wheel
  • Vs 80 m/s
  • Wide variety of specifications


Vitrified bonded worm grinding wheels for continuous genrating grinding of gears

The MIRA ICE product line has been specially developed for the continuous generating grinding of gears. A new kind of development approach enables unprecedented results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and cool grinding.

  • Shorter grinding times
  • Longer tool life
  • Highest process stability
  • High-precision pre-profiling


Diamond-dressing tools for dressing of gear grinding wheels for continous generating gear grinding

More than 25 years of experience in hard fine finishing of gears make TYROLIT the market and technology leader in this field. TYROLIT extends the MIRA product assortment for hard fine finishing of gears with the MIRA DDS dressing tools, for dressing in continous generating gear grinding. MIRA DDS dressing tools guarantee best gear qualities and a reproducible work result. Show more Show less

  • Quality
  • System solution
  • Range
  • Engineering
  • Wear protection