With the GENIS 2 product line, TYROLIT defines a new performance level and a wider range of applications for external cylindrical grinding with vitrified-bonded CBN tools. GENIS 2 is characterised by a high-strength bond with excellent moistening properties, which securely binds the CBN grain. Low bond volumes enable very porous, cool-grinding and extremely easy-cutting specifications with a long lifetime. Show more Show less

  • Optimum grain utilisation
  • High economic efficiency
  • High running precision
  • Wide range of applications


External cylindrical grinding with vitrified bonded CBN high-performance grinding tools

Following intensive research, TYROLIT has succeeded in developing GENIS - a bond system that ensures optimum wetting and coating of the CBN grain, even with extremely low bond content. By selecting the composition of the bond, at the right firing conditions crystallisation is controlled in a targeted manner. This enables the production of porous textures with high mechanical strength, which feature maximum resistance to the effect of cooling lubricants. The cool grinding specifications of our GENIS highest performance tools enable you to purposely reduce grinding forces and so make the most efficient use of the CBN grain. In all applications, practical experience shows that reduced grinding forces enable minimal wear and maximum profile retention. Show more Show less

  • High adhesion strength of the CBN and optimum resistance to cooling lubricants
  • New high-performance CBN grain qualities
  • Optimised chipping space (porosity) and cool grinding
  • Reduced grinding forces
  • Neutral zone


Vitrified bonded CBN grinding tools with composite cores for external cylindrical grinding

With GENIS CF, TYROLIT is extending the performance spectrum of the GENIS product line with an innovative, fibre-reinforced composite core for numerous external cylindrical grinding applications. In addition to a weight reduction of up to 80%, this tool design features special damping characteristics, which result in improved grinding results and a longer lifetime.

  • Lower weight
  • Best damping
  • High economic efficiency
  • Replating option
  • Simultaneous machining


Grinding tools for high-speed external cylindrical longitudinal grinding

With the STARTEC PG-1 product line, for the first time TYROLIT is offering innovative roughing and finishing wheels for the peel grinding of tungsten carbide tool blanks in particular. A high-strength metal bond is used for the roughing wheel. This enables especially cost-effective and reliable process control. Long-life vitrified or metal bonds are used for the finishing wheel. This enables even large stock removal fluctuations to be compensated after roughing, and maximum surface quality to be achieved.

  • Maximum stock removal rate
  • Reduced grinding noise
  • Reduced wheel wear
  • Extremely rapid availability



TYROLIT has developed a new generation of grinding wheels with a CBN layer and an innovative core for grinding rolls used in cold rolling mills. The GENIS ROLL STAR enables the cost-effective machining of ultra-hard rolls thanks to shorter grinding times and higher-quality surface results. The newly developed core of the GENIS ROLL STAR is vibration-damped and can be disposed of once the grinding layer is worn down. Show more Show less

  • Grinding ultra-hard materials
  • Universal machine use
  • Higher process stability
  • Universal use


Grinding wheels for roll grinding

With the CSS Roll Star 2.0, TYROLIT is defining a new level of performance in the grinding of rolls. More than one hundred years of experience in the development of grinding solutions of the highest quality make TYROLIT a valued partner for roll grinding. Thanks to our market-leading know-how in bonding technologies and high quality sintered aluminium oxides the best possible results are achieved in the CSS Roll Star 2.0 product line. Show more Show less

  • Optimisation of grinding costs
  • Maximum grain utilisation through optimised bonding system
  • Universal use - suitable for all common roll materials
  • Customer solutions


Roll grinding re-defined

The rolls must be continually reground due to fire cracks, wear and peeling of the roll surface. Roll grinding is a special form of external cylindrical grinding. It is used in sheet mills and in roll production. With the CSS-RS, TYROLIT offers the optimum grinding tool for this application.

  • Cuts costs – improves performance
  • Enables maximum lifetime
  • Reduces your grinding times
  • Guarantees the best surface finishes
  • Universal use for all roll materials and types


The solution for grinding tungsten carbide wire milling rolls

Our "roll pass" for grinding rod mills is called CSS WIRE ROLL – currently the best solution on the market. It is also a fully integrated system solution, including tools for re-trueing the grinding wheel and roughing stones for exposing the abrasive grain.

  • Long service life
  • High profile retention
  • Increased process stability
  • Complete system in TYROLIT quality


High performance grinding tools for external cylindrical grinding and thread grinding

With CSS ULTRA, TYROLIT has managed to restructure the micro-architecture of the grinding wheel with lasting effect by using high quality components and innovative sintering technology. This enables the abrasive grain to withstand much greater loads during use without breaking away prematurely. These improvements result in maximum profile retention combined with minimal wear.

  • Optimum profile retention
  • Cool grinding (no burning)


Band-finishing in the automotive and components industry

Products on special polyester film are used to create defined surface structures in the automotive and components industry.

  • Constant and precise surface structure
  • High stock removal and finishing performance
  • Grain selection for defined and reproducible roughness values
  • Products for specific processes, optimised for your application
  • Ultimate process stability and reliable quality


Diamond grinding tools with VIB-Star core for technical ceramic components

Diamond grinding tools with cushioning plastic core system for machining very hard materials and technical ceramic components. Straight diamond grinding tools in vitrified bond for the machining of ceramic components require special damping, thus VIBSTAR is only available in certain dimensions on request.

  • Damping + low weight
  • Better surface finishes
  • Longer lifetime
  • Improved grinding ratio

External cylindrical grinding, conventional ceramic

For non and low-alloyed steels

In many industries, external cylindrical grinding is one of the most frequently used grinding processes. In the automotive industry, for example, camshafts, crankshafts and gear shafts designed to meet the most stringent demands and requirements are produced. Use of aluminium oxide especially for non and low-alloyed steels. The grade and structure of the wheel affect the grinding result and are tailored perfectly to use on non and low-alloyed steels. Our assortment also includes wheels for angled flute grinding. Show more Show less

  • Angled flute grinding possible
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Increased lifetime

External cylindrical grinding, conventional ceramic

For high-alloyed steels and HSS

With this wheel we guarantee a tailored selection of high-performance aluminium oxides together with special bond systems. This ensures universal use on all high-alloyed steels and HSS. With a sintered aluminium oxide mixture, for example 454A, it is possible to achieve the maximum stock removal rate for vitrified bonded grinding wheels. Improved performance can be achieved by resin-bonded CBN tools, such as the VIB STAR. Show more Show less

  • Universal use
  • Cool grinding
  • High economic efficiency

External cylindrical grinding, conventional ceramic

For tungsten carbide and grey cast iron

This silicon carbide wheel is a cost-effective variant for machining tungsten carbide for secondary applications. It is primarily used for working on castings and nonferrous metals. This wheel is a good alternative for working on nitrified workpieces and wear-resistant thermal sprayed alloys in particular. Profiling is possible using Standard diamond dressing tools. Show more Show less

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Universal use

VIB STAR external cylindrical grinding with CBN resin

For high-alloyed steels and HSS

The VIB STAR external grinding wheel is made with a vibration-reducing core. This enables a consistent and quiet grinding process. A constant self-sharpening effect also guarantees consistent power consumption and therefore high economic efficiency of the tool. Low wear results in a high level of dimensional accuracy on the workpiece, thereby reducing dimensional inspections to a minimum. Show more Show less

  • High economic efficiency
  • No vibration
  • Superabrasives

VIB STAR external cylindrical grinding with diamond resin

For tungsten carbide and industrial ceramics

The resin-bonded diamond wheel with VIB STAR core is a particularly cost-effective solution for machining tungsten carbide. Low wear and a high level of dimensional accuracy are achieved by a constant self-sharpening effect. A high stock removal rate due to synthetic diamonds in resinoid bonds provides a significant advantage over less expensive silicon carbide wheels. Show more Show less

  • Long lifetime
  • No vibration
  • Superabrasives


Electroplated CBN grinding tools for external plunge cut grinding

With its POLARIS product line, TYROLIT is the market and technology leader in the production of galvanic bonded grinding tools. Cutting-edge production equipment, manufacturing know-how and application expertise are essential for maximum tool lives. Even the smallest amount of axial and radial run out or the slightest imbalance can reduce the service life of the tool. Additionally with the POLARIS PLUS variant, the zones with the highest levels of tool wear can be specifically reinforced, extending the life of the grinding wheel even further. Show more Show less

  • Individual production
  • Maximum lifetimes
  • Replating-compatible
  • Maximum profile accuracy
  • Constant optimisation


Microfinishing film roll for superfinishing rotation-symmetric components

With the FaceTec MF product line, TYROLIT offers a high performance product in the area of belt-superfinishing. The focus is on customers whose surface quality requirements can only be achieved by means of a superfinish machining operation. These requirements relate primarily to the automotive (crankshafts and camshafts) and steel industry (roll grinding). Becausem finishing belongs to the final operations in the value-added chain, process stability is an essential criterion. The high quality standard and the high service level make FaceTec MF to an optimal solution for critical finishing processes. Show more Show less

  • High process stability
  • High economic efficiency
  • Broad product portfolio
  • High service level


Electroplated CBN grinding wheel with lightweight core for external cylindrical grinding

With the POLARIS LW product line, TYROLIT is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of lightweight electroplated grinding tools. Through targeted material reduction, the wheel weight has been significantly reduced. stock removal rate at the core is not random, but is calculated using a computational FEM analysis (Finite Element Method). This means that deformations and potential performance losses can be excluded. Through use of the lightweight POLARIS LW version, the maintenance intervals at the grinding machines can be reduced and handling significantly simplified for personnel in production. Show more Show less

  • Weight optimisation
  • Maximum tool life
  • Replating-compatible
  • Computational FEM simulation

DressTec NGR

Next Generation of Diamond Roller Dressers

TYROLIT have extended the portfolio of diamond roller dressers with an exciting new assortment: DressTec NGR. This new product line enables TYROLIT to offer the fastest delivery time for roller dressers in the market, whilst maintaining the highest precision and quality. This is achieved thanks to the very latest manufacturing technologies, new processing steps and premium measuring equipment at the company’s state-of-the- art plant in Neuenrade, Germany. DressTec NGR combines quality, reproducibility and precision features with the fastest speed to market. This is unique within the industry. Show more Show less

  • Fastest speed to market
  • Planning security
  • Increased flexibility
  • Unparalleled investment


Vitrified-Bonded CBN grinding wheel with lightweight core for external cylindrical grinding

With the GENIS 2 LW product line, TYROLIT is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of lightweight vitrified-bonded grinding tools. Through targeted material reduction, the wheel weight has been significantly reduced. The stock removal rate at the core is not random, but is calculated using a computational FEM analysis (Finite Element Method). This means that deformations and potential performance losses can be excluded. Through use of the lightweight GENIS 2 LW version, the maintenance intervals at the grinding machines can be reduced and handling significantly simplified for personnel in production. Show more Show less

  • Weight optimisation
  • Replating-compatible
  • Maximum tool life
  • Computational FEM simulation


Vitrified-bonded CBN grinding tools with natural fibre-reinforced core for external cylindrical grinding

TYROLIT is setting new standards for external cylindrical grinding using ceramic CBN with the GENIS 2 N-LW product line. The extremely low density of the patented core material N-LW delivers significant weight savings. GENIS 2 N-LW tools are lighter and most of all less expensive than comparable tools with a CFRP core. The products can be approved for wheel peripheral speeds of up to 140 m/s. The material has excellent damping behaviour and is designed with a high-precision steel mounting in the bore area. This means that GENIS 2 N-LW cores can be replaced a number of times and used in production. Show more Show less

  • Significant weight reduction
  • Damping properties
  • Wide range of applications
  • Approved for 140 m/s