External cylindrical grinding with vitrified bonded CBN high-performance grinding tools

Following intensive research, TYROLIT has succeeded in developing GENIS - a bond system that ensures optimum wetting and coating of the CBN grain, even with extremely low bond content. By selecting the composition of the bond, at the right firing conditions crystallisation is controlled in a targeted manner. This enables the production of porous textures with high mechanical strength, which feature maximum resistance to the effect of cooling lubricants. The cool grinding specifications of our GENIS highest performance tools enable you to purposely reduce grinding forces and so make the most efficient use of the CBN grain. In all applications, practical experience shows that reduced grinding forces enable minimal wear and maximum profile retention. Show more Show less

  • High adhesion strength of the CBN and optimum resistance to cooling lubricants
  • New high-performance CBN grain qualities
  • Optimised chipping space (porosity) and cool grinding
  • Reduced grinding forces
  • Neutral zone


Vitrified bonded CBN grinding tools with composite cores for external cylindrical grinding

With GENIS CF, TYROLIT is extending the performance spectrum of the GENIS product line with an innovative, fibre-reinforced composite core for numerous external cylindrical grinding applications. In addition to a weight reduction of up to 80%, this tool design features special damping characteristics, which result in improved grinding results and a longer lifetime.

  • Lower weight
  • Best damping
  • High economic efficiency
  • Replating option
  • Simultaneous machining


Your partner for bar grinding

With a grinding wheel, regulating wheel and dressing tool, TYROLIT offers the complete range. By continually further developing our products, we can guarantee the best stock removal per grinding pass, the strictest tolerances and finest surfaces.

  • TYROLIT offers the complete system (grinding wheel, regulating wheel, dressing tools)
  • Reduced throughput times
  • Maximum stock removal rates
  • Lower dressing amounts
  • Maximum true running and shape accuracy


The regulating wheel for centerless grinding

Through the use of centreless grinding in through-feed and plunge cut grinding, round components can be produced with particular precision and efficiency. Here, the regulating wheel controls the grinding process and therefore has a decisive influence on the quality of the produced components. The CSS REGULATOR from TYROLIT is manufactured as a unitised version. The extremely high compaction ensures uniform quality of the regulating wheel. Show more Show less

  • Excellent profile retention
  • Good coefficient of friction
  • Constant grinding pressure


High performance grinding tools for external cylindrical grinding and thread grinding

With CSS ULTRA, TYROLIT has managed to restructure the micro-architecture of the grinding wheel with lasting effect by using high quality components and innovative sintering technology. This enables the abrasive grain to withstand much greater loads during use without breaking away prematurely. These improvements result in maximum profile retention combined with minimal wear.

  • Optimum profile retention
  • Cool grinding (no burning)


Grinding wheels in elastic bond for the centreless grinding of taper rollers

For the centreless grinding of taper rollers, a steel profiled regulating wheel is used. A certain elasticity of the grinding wheel is required so that the rollers can still be operated safely. The Tyrolit centreless wheel in elastic bond has proven highly effective.

  • Good profile retention and lifetime
  • Good coefficient of friction


Diamond grinding tools with lightweight core for centreless through feed grinding

The new STARTEC CG product line is TYROLIT's response to increasing requirements for grinding wheels that can deliver perfectly ground workpieces. STARTEC CG combines the innovative lightweight technology "N-LW" with diamond grit of the highest quality, raising the standard in centreless through feed grinding to a new level. The low weight of the grinding wheels both protects the machine spindle and greatly simplifies handling in production. At the same time, the grinding tools guarantee the best possible surface finish and optimum workpiece roundness. The damping effect of the N-LW core also extends the lifetime of the grinding wheel. Show more Show less

  • Reduced wheel weight
  • Damping core
  • Individually manufactured
  • Complete system solution