A New Era of Sanding

TYROLIT POWER is an innovative sanding system that revolutionises current sanding techniques.

Through dramatically decreasing time spent on sanding while enabling perfectly uniform finishes, TYROLIT POWER sets new standards in the area of matting and scuffing. To activate surfaces and prepare them for coating or further treatment, there is no better solution.

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The Industries

Wind Industry

TYROLIT POWER is used in the wind industry for sanding blades, moulds and nacelles of wind turbines.

Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, TYROLIT POWER is used for matting surfaces of the fuselage, wings, landing flaps and many other components of the aircraft to prepare them for painting or coating.

Nautical Industry

In the nautical industry, TYROLIT POWER is mainly used for matting fuselages, decks, floors and many other components to make them ready for coating or bonding.

Other Industries

TYROLIT POWER is used in many other industries in which very hard surfaces have to be activated for further treatment. Examples include oil and pipeline industry, transportation industry, cabins and competitive sports industries.

Test the full capability of TYROLIT POWER in your industry for yourself and contact us for your individual trial at tyrolit.power(at)

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The Abrasives


TYROLIT POWER D101 strips are made from a diamond coated net backing. The specially developed diamond coated net backing prevents the strips from clogging and dramatically increases the lifetime on hard surfaces. The backing is stabilised by natural-fibre brushes keeping static electricity to a minimum and therefore enabling better dust removal.


REMOVAL D105 strips are made from electroplated diamonds on a polyurethane backing. The high concentration of diamonds combined with the positioning on the top of the strip results in an extremely long lifetime. The stiff backing is additionally supported by natural-fibre brushes keeping static electricity to a minimum and therefore enabling better dust removal.

The Machines

TYROLIT POWER hand-held machine

  • TYROLIT POWER handheld-machine with integrated dust extraction system
  • Available for wet and dry use
  • For left and right hand users
  • Best suitable for small-medium surfaces or hard to reach areas

TYROLIT POWER Surface Sander

  • TYROLIT POWER surface sander with integrated dust extraction system
  • Special design for ergonomically friendly and convenient working
  • Best suitable for medium-large surfaces.
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The Benefits

Increased productivity

Compared to dual-action sander discs, TYROLIT POWER strips achieve a 15-20 times better lifetime. The specially developed diamond coating prevents the strips from clogging, resulting in extremely long lifetimes, less abrasive changes and greatly reduced backlogs.

Cost reduction

TYROLIT POWER can reduce the man hours needed in the sanding process by up to 90 % while maintaining a perfectly uniform finish. This saves resources and reduces the cost of repairs.

Process safety

Thanks to the flexibility of the strips, the pressure applied to the surface is lower and evenly distributed. This means less mistakes in the sanding process and therefore less reworking and scrap.

Health and safety

TYROLIT POWER improves the dust removal from the workpiece due to its integrated dust-extraction system. Additionally, it greatly reduces vibrations and therefore eliminates the widely spread risk of vibration white finger syndrome.

For further information download our TYROLIT POWER brochure or get in contact with us!

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