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TYROLIT Fast Change

TYROLIT Fast Change discs (TFC) currently lead the market where the fast, easy and user-friendly grinding of uneven surfaces is concerned.

In addition to an extensive portfolio of bonded abrasives, for 6 years now we have also offered a wide range of coated abrasives. Whereas there were 500 products in our portfolio in 2011, today our complete range contains more than 2,000 specifications for the high-quality grinding of uneven surfaces.

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Fields of application for coated abrasives

With TYROLIT coated abrasives, you can reduce costs and the number of work operations while simultaneously increasing your productivity. What makes TYROLIT abrasives so unique is our long-standing experience in the development of new products in collaboration with customers and application engineers.

Is your priority a perfect surface finish, and your goal to save time and money in a reliable and user-friendly way? From the automotive industry to carriage and aircraft manufacture, from wind turbines to mould making and façade construction – wherever the finest, clean and smooth surfaces are required, our coated abrasives are right for the job. One of the best known examples is the world's current highest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, with its magnificent stainless steel facade.

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Test the upgrade now free of charge

Find out for yourself how fast, easy and user-friendly the machining of virtually all materials can be when you use TYROLIT Fast Change products. TFC is especially impressive on ferrous and nonferrous metals, wood, lacquer, paint and composites. Available as a free sample pack from qualified specialist retailers in dimensions 115 x 2 mm und 125 x 2 mm.

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Your advantages with TYROLIT Fast Change

Improved backing for high overall stock removal

Long lifetime – the TFC disc does not get loaded or clogged

Fast and simple disc changes thanks to Velcro fastening

Different numbers of holes in the discs ensure optimum stock removal

Perfect grinding of coarse to fine uneven surfaces on all kinds of materials

Universal, for use on almost all materials