TYROLIT Project Services

Machines, tools and project support at the highest level

Whether for the controlled decommissioning of offshore installations or nuclear power stations, the expansion and reconstruction of tunnels or for smaller specialist construction projects – TYROLIT is your reliable partner in special construction solutions.

In addition to a wide range of standard products, as well as customisable products, the TYROLIT Project Services Team supports its customers with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning concepts
  • Principle sketches
  • Customised products for machines & tools
  • Project management
  • Training courses
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Customizable products

For special applications in small or large-scale, complex projects, the TYROLIT Project Services Team delivers ingenious solutions which quickly and efficiently bring our partners to their goal. The following products are adapted according to requirements.

TYROLIT drill rig for large diameters


  • Versions for drilling diameters from 1 000 – 1 500 mm and drilling depths of up to 2 m
  • Modular setup comprising 2 drill rigs (BC-2)
  • Hydraulic feed on both sides via synchronisation linkages
  • Gear reduction arm adapted to the relevant drilling diameter
  • Electric system available upon request

Drilling unit for deep drilling

Sturdy, modular drill rig comprising standard components and new accessory parts.

  • Inclination = 25° to 90°
  • Diameter = 80 – 300 mm
  • Centering device
  • Hydraulic pipe clamping
  • Tractive force = 1 000 kg
  • Recommended drive = PPH40RR
  • Total weight = 120 kg
  • Can be dismantled in 10 parts
  • Clamping and locking device for loosening and extending tubes

Diamond wire saw on swivel bracket


  • Standard wire saw mounted on swivel bracket
  • Vertical and horizontal cuts can be made from a central position
  • For rectangular apertures up to approx. 1.2 m side length
  • Electric and hydraulic versions available

Curved track


  • Adjustable to various radii
  • Minimum radius = 1 200 mm
  • Rail supports welded on
  • Designed for FZ-4S saw heads, other types upon request
  • Can be produced in individual 3 m lengths
  • Combination with straight rails possible

Pilecutter R1500


  • Suitable for cutting pipes or columns
  • For pipes with diameters of 600 – 1 500 mm
  • Can also be used underwater (down to 10 m)
  • Assembly and wire loops without sleeve possible (length upon request)
  • Conversion kit for BC2 drill rig available

Tunnel milling with the TPF-8


Whether vertical or horizontal - the TPF-8 tunnel mill enables fast and flexible work in tunnels. It is the first choice when making cuts for drainage, joints, cable laying or profile extensions as well as for cutting out niches or the partial demolition of tunnel walls.

  • Mountable on various carrier devices
  • Modular system, perfect for individual adaptation
  • Extremely flexible and freely extendible
  • 40 kW drive for demanding cutting applications
  • Fully hydraulic basic machine with various add-on units


Mounting versions

  • Horizontal cut
    max. cutting depth 700 mm (blade diameter min, 750 mm / max. 1 600 mm) / rail length 1 850 mm

  • Cutting head/slot cutter
    max. cutting width up to 800 mm / max. cutting depth 225 mm / blade diameter up to 650 mm

  • Multiple blade arbour
    blade diameter min. 600 mm / max. 1 025 mm / cutting width up to 200 mm

  • Vertical cutting attachment
    max. cutting depth 700 mm (blade diameter 1 600 mm) / min. blade diameter 750 mm

TYROLIT Wallshaver


In terms of removing contaminated concrete surfaces, the TYROLIT Wallshaver convinces in every respect:

  • Fully hydraulic basic machine
  • Suitable for removing concrete surfaces or for milling channels into concrete or asphalt surfaces
  • Cutting depth up to 100 mm (blade diameter = 400 mm)
  • Removal by cutting in stages of max. 20 mm
  • Cutting widths from 3.2 to 122 mm
  • Remote control
  • PPH40RR drive (40 kW)
  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Optionally available: extraction system for removing dust and slurry

TYROLIT Dry Drilling System


The TYROLIT Dry Drilling System is the world's first solution for easy and inexpensive dry drilling of reinforced concrete.

One of a kind

  • Clean working without a compressor – particularly suitable for decommissioning nuclear facilities
  • Low cost, simple operation
  • Excellent results in reinforced concrete
  • Durable dry drill bits in TGD® Technology in various usable lengths and diameters
  • Switchable soft impact function and 1¼ and ½ chucks
  • Soft start system and LED monitoring display for optimum drilling speed
  • Centring aid for precise drill bit guidance

TYROLIT wire saw systems

TYROLIT (diamond) wire saw systems are the first choice for cutting existing metal structures, particularly steel elements.

DWM-S / DWH-S ATEX steel wire

  • Very high cutting performance
  • Extremely long lifetime and noticeable smooth running
  • High number of beads
  • Extremely safe thanks to robust construction


Wire saw SB / SB-E

  • Large wire storage up to 10 m
  • High power transfer thanks to multiple roller drive
  • Smooth running due to hydraulic wire tensioner
  • Recommended drive = PPH40RR
  • Also available in an electric design in conjunction with the 26 kW motor of the WSE2226


DWH-SL & DWM-SL wire loops

  • Spliced design in lengths of 2.9 m – 52.5 m
  • Yellow rubber for better visibility, especially underwater
  • Length tolerances depending on loop length
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The only ATEX-certified wire saw system worldwide

TYROLIT is the world's first supplier to present an ATEXcertified wire saw system for use in Zone 1 (EX Zone 1, II 2G IIA c T3) explosion-hazardous areas. The system, which comprises a hydraulic wire saw and electroplated diamond wire for steel, was tested in accordance with current ATEX Directives by GexCon in Norway. Certification was awarded by DNV Nemko Presafe AS.

  • Certified for explosion hazardous areas (EX Zone 1, II 2G, IIA c T3)
  • Modular, combinable system comprising DWH-S ATEX diamond wire, SB hydraulic wire saw and drive.*
  • For all metals except titanium
  • Wire speed = 10 – max. 18 m/s
  • Only for wet cutting
  • With machine, only in conjunction with flow monitor


* Certified drive, either provided by customer or alternatively PPH40RR in a certified protective cabin (upon request).



DWM-SL ATEX wire loops

  • Spliced design in lengths of 2.9 m – 52.5 m
  • Yellow rubber for better visibility, especially underwater
  • Length tolerances depending on loop length
  • ATEX-certified


  • Powerful 40 kW drive
  • 4-stufige Regelung für optimale Schnittgeschwindigkeiten
  • Freedom of movement thanks to remote control; all functions can be adjusted via remote control
  • Rotational direction switch, secondary connections, operating hours counter
  • Plastic cover can be removed without tools.

Protective cabin

  • Certified protective cabin for PPH40RR
  • Certified remote control
  • Small and transportable unit in pallet size
  • Integrated emergency stop function in the event of failure of the water supply to the wire saw (in conjunction with flow monitor)
  • Overpressure system and integrated cooling

A modular system for your specific application

Depending on the requirements or existing machines, different product offerings are available.