The evolutionary jump in wall saws

Now with perfectly adjusted ring saw HRE410 for even more applications

With the WSE1621, we are heralding a new era in wall saws. The WSE1621 has been completely redesigned and uncompromisingly configured for an optimal weight and performance ratio and is the new all-round talent for everyday use on the construction site.

Extremely compact and light components as well as innovative equipment features set new standards in the field of wall saws and make application simpler and more efficient than ever:

  • 23.5 kg light saw, water-cooled 17 kW HF motor
  • Cut depths up to 705 mm, blade diameter up to 1 600 mm
  • Newly designed, ultra-light and robust blade guard
  • Compact drive motor with tool-free quick connection
  • Handy remote control with colour display
  • Innovative communication interfaces
  • Revolutionary P2® drive technology for extreme reliability without power loss
  • Modular use of components: the control and main motor represent the entry level into the exclusive world of TYROLIT modularity and, in addition to wall sawing, are also suited to wire sawing and drilling

The WSE1621 is suitable for blade diameters of up to 1 600 mm.

The drive motor with tool-free quick connection makes child's play of assembly and disassembly.

The extremely light, newly-designed blade guard is particularly user-friendly.

Easy operation through compact and simpler control as well as easier-to-use remote control with display.


The revolutionary TYROLIT P2® drive concept enables the combination of extreme reliability and optimum performance with reduced service costs.


Highest performance and reliability with compact, ultra-light and modular system components.


Innovative technologies and up-to-date communication interfaces make working more pleasant and easier than ever.

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NEW! - Ring saw HRE410:

The perfect complement to the WSE1621 wall saw system

The new HRE410 is an ergonomically designed, electric ring saw for working without overcuts. It can be connected directly to the control unit of the WSE1621 wall saw system, thus creating a further area of application for the system.

With cutting depths of up to 300 mm, the new ring saw is an optimal alternative to corner drilling or diamond chain saws. A special highlight is its intelligent ergonomics: Both handles of the machine are adjustable. The rear handle can be rotated by 90° for horizontal cuts and enables a low-fatigue position during cutting.

The advantages at a glance

  • Modular use with the control unit of the wall saw system WSE1621
  • For cutting depths up to 30 mm
  • 6.5 kW strong motor with P2® high-frequency technology
  • Adjustable, ergonomic handles: front handle for left and right-handed use; rear handle can be rotated by 90°
  • Water supply adjustable directly on the handle
  • Overload and excess temperature display

Developed for users with vision,
who want to perform their work professionally.

Customer feedback

„Top weight! Very easy handling thanks to compact components, very light blade guard and new quick motor mount release.“

Ortner Kurt Bohr- und Schneidetechnik GmbH & Co KG

„I think the tool-free replacement of the drive motor and the simple assembly are great. It could not be easier. I don’t want to give this light, powerful and compact machine back.“

ERNE AG Bauunternehmung

„The WSE1621 would be the perfect Christmas present for our employees.“

Diamantbohr AG

Technical data

Saw blade
Max. cutting depth 705 mm
Max. saw blade Ø 1 600 mm
Free detachable up to Ø 900 mm
Blade flange mounting Quick-release flange
Saw blade fixing (flush cuts) 6 countersunk head screws,
130 mm graduated circle
Electric motor
high-frequency motor
Nominal power (32 A) 20 kW
Motor power S1 S1 (32 A) 17 kW
Voltage 400–480 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Wall Saw WSE1621 23,5 kg
Electric main drive motor WSE1621 15 kg
Electric control unit WSE1621 11 kg
Radio remote control WSE1621 1.8 kg
Blade guard 1 000 mm AIO Linear 21.5 kg
Track VAS G 1 100 mm 9.4 kg
Track VAS G 1 650 mm 15 kg
Track VAS G 1 925 mm 16.2 kg
Track VAS G 2 200 mm 18.4 kg
Transport trolley WSE1621 21 kg
System & Accessories
10990000 Wall Saw WSE1621
10997955 Electric main drive motor WSE1621
400–480 V / 50 Hz
11002700 Electric control unit WSE1621
400–480 V / 50 Hz incl. radio remote control
10992200 Transport trolley WSE1621
10996700 Blade guard 1 000 mm AIO Linear
10982079 VAS G Track / 1 100 mm / alu
10981818 VAS G Track / 2 200 mm / alu
977523 Track connector for VAS- and VS-tracks
965987 V-Track feet alu, flat
965987 V-Track feet alu, flat
965987 V-Track feet alu, flat
10980346 Tool box
10992800 Blade guard 800 mm AIO Linear
10992900 Blade guard 1 200 mm AIO Linear
977606 Blade guard 1 600 mm 2 pcs.
10998282 Blade guard uptake 1 600 mm
10977882 Blade flange ST cpl.
961983 V-Swivel track feet
10977452 V-Rotary rail support compl.
10981719 Transport trolley small
10999403 Blade flange ST cpl. dry cutting

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