Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition 2023/24:
World Tour

The 5th Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition started in spring 2023. Special highlight: It is the first tour where you can secure the world champion title at the final in Hall in Tyrol on 21 February 2024!


All the highlights are available on our Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition Facebook page.


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The tour

The Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition is the only competition in the world in wall sawing, core drilling and hand-held sawing. With the Cutting Pro Competition, Tyrolit aims to bring a sporting touch to the world of concrete drilling and cutting. Professional users are at its heart: the power, know-how and ambition of the athletes determine who wins and who loses.


Before the final there are conducted the national championships in several European countries. The national champion and the second one of each country have the possibility to demonstrate their skills at the final. The Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition 2023/24 will be held as a world championship for the first time. At the final on 21 February 2024 in Hall in Tirol, guests from all over the world (Australia, USA, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India) will increase the number of participants by “wildcards”. This will make it possible for the first time to secure the title of World Champion of the Tyrolit cutting Pro Competition.




The tour dates at a glance

National qualification Great Britain 19 April 2023 Rotherham, United Kingdom Results
National qualification Sweden 12 May 2023 Gotenburg, Sweden/Norway Results
National qualification Switzerland 2 June 2023 Eptingen, Switzerland Results
National qualification Eastern Europe 6 September 2023 Maisach, Germany Results
National qualification Germany/Austria 7 September 2023 Maisach, Germany Results
National qualification France 23 September 2023 Paris, France Results
National qualification Italy 12 October 2023 Thiene, Italy
Final 21 February 2024 Hall in Tyrol, Austria
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Rules 2023



The challenge of this discipline is to rapidly install the drill rig and to precisely and quickly mount the drill motor. A perfectly drilled hole is the outcome of the task.

A concrete pipe is to be divided with two cuts by using a ring saw. In this discipline safe working is essential.

One or more cuts can be used to cut a bloc of reinforced concrete with a pre-mounted wall saw as fast as possible.

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Past European Championships

21.02.2017 4th European Championship in Innsbruck / Austria Results
18.02.2014 3rd European Championship in Innsbruck / Austria Results
27.01.2011 2nd European Championship in Innsbruck / Austria Results
22.01.2009 1st European Championship in Innsbruck / Austria Results
Seperator Participants


European Champion 2017


Darius Janulis

Rune Monsen AS

Competition times

Wall sawing: 01:05,99
Core driling: 01:26,09
Hand sawing: 00:23,97

European Champion 2014


Jan Läderach

Läderach Betontrenntechnik GmbH

Competition times

Wall sawing: 01:20,71
Core drilling: 01:11,61
Hand sawing: 00:21,83

European Champion 2011


Joakim Lenander

Nordisk specialhåltagning

Competition times

Wall sawing: 01:39,93
Core drilling: 02:07,09
Hand sawing: 00:15,25

European Champion 2009


Kim Guldbæk

Nordjysk Diamantboring og Skær

Competition times

Wall sawing: 02:08,58
Core drilling: 01:41,12
Hand sawing: 00:35,30

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