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The world faces challenging times and our experts can’t get out to you like they used to. Actually they can, in a faster and more reactive way than ever before. You can invite our Application Engineers and Sales Force exactly where you want them, at the precise time that is best for your business. Whether your office, your workshop, you name the location and we will be there.


TYROLIT Tool School

In our format TYROLIT Tool School, we not only showcase our industry-leading product range, but also bring our knowledge of abrasives directly to you. We will be broadcasting live from our TV studio at the TYROLIT headquarters in Austria, hosted by our experiences application engineers.

You want to know more? Please register below for one of the upcoming events and be our guest.

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Upcoming Events

Date Time Title Details Language
15.12. 14.00 am CET Expertise in foundry Profit from many years of experience of Tyrolit in the foundry industry. DE
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Past Events

Date Time Title Details Language Recording
17.2. 10.30 am CET Trimmable flap disc range Learn more about the advantages of flap discs with a trimmable backing. DE Watch Now
3.3. 10.30 am CET Rough grinding wheels Find out which rough grinding wheels work best on which materials. DE Watch Now
17.3. 10.30 am CET Focus surface conditioning material (SCM) With the acquisition of the Italian manufacturer Bibielle in 2020, TYROLIT has gained further knowledge of three-dimensional abrasives. DE Watch Now
31.3. 10.30 am CET Flap disc range The wide range of TYROLIT flap discs offers the perfect product for every application. DE Watch Now
14.4. 10.30 am CET Safety features Safety is a top priority at TYROLIT – don't miss this demonstration on the safety features of our products. DE Watch Now
21.4. 09.00 am CET CERABOND / CERABOND X Get to know the assortment of our CERABOND and CERABOND X products FR Watch Now
28.4. 10.30 am CET Range of cut-off wheels Get to know the TYROLIT range of cut-off wheels and find out why it is worth choosing the best product. DE Watch Now
12.5. 10.30 am CET Pick up the pace with CERABOND X Learn about the high performance of our CERABOND X product family. DE Watch Now
26.5. 10.30 am CET Tools for surface preparation Learn more about our unitised / convolute compact wheels and our polishing program. DE Watch Now
9.6. 10.30 am CET Products for aluminium processing TYROLIT offers a broad assortment of products specially for processing aluminum. Learn more about these products in this training. DE Watch Now
23.6. 10.30 am CET Stainless steel processing Find out which products work best for a perfect finish on stainless steel. DE Watch Now
7.7. 10.30 am CET Coated program: Products for angle grinders The world of coated products is enormous. In this training you will get to know the products for angle grinders. DE Watch Now
21.7. 10.30 am CET Treatment of weld seams Learn which products work best for removing weld seams. DE Watch Now
29.9. 14.00 am CET TYROLIT highlight products Whether cutting, grinding or finishing – TYROLIT offers a broad range of products for many applications in the world of abrasives. DE Watch Now
20.10. 14.00 am CET Tungsten carbide burrs Straight grinders equipped with tungsten carbide burrs are the ideal solution for precise results on hard-to-reach areas. DE Watch Now
10.11. 14.00 am CET TYROLIT brushes assortment The versatile brushes are used for many applications, among them deburring or cleaning welding seams and other surfaces. DE Watch Now
24.11. 14.00 am CET Quick-Change program Learn more about the comprehensive assortment of Quick-Change discs for general grinding work, including fine surface finishing. DE Watch Now