The majority of our customers have yet to be born.

"The prerequisite of lasting success is the endeavour, not only to think of yourself, but above all to think of other people". This quote from Daniel Swarovski, founder of the Swarovski Group, the parent company of TYROLIT, says everything about our company philosophy. We recognised long ago that respect and consideration for people and nature, both in the past as well as in the future, are the fundamental requirements of sustainability and lasting success.

What unites us, is our uniqueness.

As a group of family companies, our history stretches far back into the past. During this time the ability to work together with others, respect differences and use them to our advantage has helped us to develop and grow. And although family members from the fifth generation are still active members of the TYROLIT management team today, we recognised at an early stage how important external expertise is for a company. Today we are a global company, with family values at heart.

For sustainable relations and products.

Sustainability is the basis of our decisions. One of these decisions is the way in which we design our products to be as durable as possible, without compromising on the cutting and grinding properties. However, sustainability also means considering the end user, by minimising unnecessary loads, reducing noise and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, we see sustainability as the preservation and cultivation of long-term business relationships, and we are proud that many of our relationships with customers extend as far back as 50 years. Sustainability stands for the way in which we minimise the environmental load, including by optimising the use of chemical products, reducing gas consumption, using solar energy, installing a regenerative afterburner and continuously improving our recycling quota.

What does that mean for us?

We think that successful entrepreneurial activities should be beneficial for all involved. From this perspective, we see our customers and end users as partners. This means offering these partners attractive offers, comprehensive support and a high level of service - and what is more, supplying products that inspire and enrich the market. This brings us back to the starting point, as in addition we have to develop and manufacture innovative products of a consistency high quality. We don't just want to meet the requirements of our customers and the environment, we want to exceed them.

Luckily, our customers are always looking for the next innovation.

Our wide range of innovative products is the result of our hard work and good ideas, and also the result of constructive and long-standing cooperation with customers and suppliers. To name just a few: we were the first manufacturer in Europe to produce reliable fibre-reinforced abrasives, we were the first company to use vitrified bonded &high-speed grinding wheels for race grinding, and we had the innovative idea for ultra-thin cut-off wheels. But that's certainly not the end of the story. We do our best to provide even coming generations with products designed to meet current demands.