There are many reasons for our success. One of the most important is the people who work at TYROLIT.


As a global technology company, we have numerous attractive openings and development opportunities for pupils and students, career starters, experienced professionals and managers. As a company offering multi award-winning apprenticeships, we train talented junior employees every year and pass on our experience to the next generation. Interested? Then send us your application!

Pupils and students

At our company, school pupils and students have the opportunity to gain work experience and to get to grips with the wide-ranging aspects of the world of abrasives. Internships during holidays or specialist placements give you your first taste of the working world and can point the way to your future career.

Career starters

Have you completed your training or studies and are now looking for a professional challenge? Then you've come to the right place. At TYROLIT, we take people's all-round skills into consideration. If you have the appropriate qualifications, the right attitude and talent, then you'll fit in well here.

Experienced professionals

Technical knowledge and experience are vitally important in our industry. They enable the high quality standards to be maintained and continuously improved across all divisions. For this reason, we offer a warm welcome to everyone with work experience. We offer entry and promotion prospects in all divisions and our advanced training programmes are designed to provide professional and personal further development for our employees.


As a manager, you are responsible for defining our corporate objectives and developing strategies to help us achieve them. This makes you a key factor in the success of TYROLIT. We want to support you in your management activities which is why we offer management and team development programmes and attractive career prospects.

Apprenticeships at TYROLIT

As a company offering multi award-winning apprenticeships, we pass on the experience of our 4,300 employees all over the world to young talent. During training, we build on the personal strengths of the next generation. Trainees who start one of the eight different apprenticeships that we offer receive individual training.